Kokoda Trek Challenge

Please support our wonderful volunteers who have pledged to complete the Kokoda Trek challenge this coming Anzac Day as a way of showing their support for Aussie veterans injured during service and their families.

Support Our Trek Participants

“Friends of ours have died by suicide with just dollars in their bank account.”

“Having the financial burden of not being able to understand how to budget properly, to ensure you have the financial security to be able to live your life, puts a great burden on you and your family.”

“What Bravery Trust does is ensure that you have not just had the training on how to do that but the ability to be able to afford planning to the future and to get the support that you may need through financial incentives or support from Bravery Trust.”

“What they do is amazing. What they do saves lives.”

“What you do on behalf of a grateful nation, thank you, thank you so much”

Phillip Thompson OAM MP, a proud and passionate Ambassador of Bravery Trust, speaking at Omni‘s 10th anniversary where Omni announced $100,000 for Bravery Trust to provide early financial education.

Transition out of the ADF, especially medical discharge, can be sudden and unplanned and financial stress adds to the trauma.

70% of those who reach out to Bravery Trust are aged 50 years or younger. Thank you Omni for choosing to celebrate your 10th anniversary with the gift of giving – a gift that will help change lives.

The support shown for Aussie veterans injured during service during Bravery Trek has been quite overwhelming.  We are incredibly proud of the way Australians have united and given so generously to support those who have make huge sacrifices to serve our country.

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