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Bravery Trust provides emergency financial relief and financial counselling to serving & ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force who have an injury or illness as a result of their service.

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Bravery Trek

Bravery Trek is a 57km challenge from October 10 to November 10 – there’s also a double up option for those who can make it 114km in 31 days.

Bravery Trek encourages the broader community to celebrate the service of Australian veterans and show support for those facing an uphill battle as a result of injury or illness sustained during service.

Bravery Trek is a virtual event – meaning anyone can join anywhere. Run, swim, cycle, paddle, wheelchair or push a pram – all participants help engage veterans who may need support and those who can refer a friend.

Bravery Trust CEO Belinda Wilson said this year’s Trek is themed around the Royal Australian Navy – with a virtual route around Sydney Harbour incorporating key Naval bases and sites of historical significance. The 57km challenge is the distance from North Head to South Head and coincides with the sum of 57 ships, boats, submarines, and bases in the Navy. A podcast will be shared with participants covering the history of iconic locations along the route.

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