Were you impacted by the Queensland and New South Wales flood?

We know that many from our veteran community were unfortunately impacted by the recent floods.

If you are a veteran who has been seriously injured or sustained illness during service and face financial hardship, Bravery Trust may be able to assist.

Luke’s Story

Luke served in the Army for eight years and was medically discharged. Luke had hit hard times and Bravery Trust recently helped Luke, his wife and two children, move to their property on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, like many in his area when the floods hit, Luke and his family were caught by surprise. They weren’t able to get all their belongings to higher ground in time and essential appliances were damaged beyond repair. Replacing the items was an unexpected expense, causing Luke and his family financial stress. Bravery Trust was able to support Luke and his family, to replace their washing machine and get back to some sort of normality.

Insurance Claims

Do you need to make a claim with your insurer for damaged or unsalvageable items?

The details and evidence you provide will be important when you lodge a claim.

We recommend:

  • Writing a list of all the damaged or destroyed items, dates or purchase, make & models.
  • Providing photographs if you them of the damaged and discharged items it’s a good way to visually support your claim.
  • If not lost in the flood damage, providing receipts, warranties, credit card or bank statements is useful to show the purchase price and date of the items.

Queensland & NSW Grants

Below is a list of available grants (with clickable links for more information) that may assist those impacted by the floods. Please note we are sharing links we could find, but you should also check for other support available.

Be sure to check the eligibility criteria for each grant by clicking the hyperlink, as some require applicants to live in a specific impacted area and/or have an income test attached.

You can also contact the Australian Government emergency information line for help for payments available to eligible people in disaster areas on 180 22 66.

QLD-only Grants

Emergency Hardship Assistance – Up to $180 for individuals & $900 for families for immediate relief and recovery, e.g. food, clothing, emergency accommodation or medical supplies.

Essential Services Hardship Assistance – $150 per person, or up to $750 for a family – if 1 or more essential services is disconnected for more than 5 days.

Essential Household Contents Grant – Up to $1,765 for a single & $5,300 for a family to help those uninsured or unable to claim insurance replace essential household contents.

Structural Assistance Grant – Up to $10,995 per single & $14,685 per couple to repair damage to an uninsured dwelling (including caravans and residential vessels).

Essential services safety and reconnection grant – If uninsured or unable to claim insurance, up to $200 for inspections to help reconnect essential services (electricity, gas, water and sewerage or septic system) and up to $4,200 for repair work.

Transport and motoring assistance – Up to $10,995 per adult & $14,685 per family to repair an uninsured dwelling (including caravans and residential vessels).

NSW & QLD Grants

Disaster Recovery Payment QLD Disaster Recovery Payment NSW – Eligible adults ($1,000) and children ($400) seriously injured, missing a relative or if there has been major damage to your home.

Disaster Recovery Allowance QLD Disaster Recovery Allowance NSW – A payment for up to 13 weeks if you have lost income due to the floods. Equivalent to the JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance, depending on your circumstances.

Useful Resources





The disasterassistance.service.nsw.gov.au website is also a useful resource to see what other assistance is available, including additional childcare subsidies, free mail redirect and business grants (for business holders, farmer or primary producer).

Useful Phone Numbers

Community Recovery Hotline – 1800 173 349

Residential Tenancies Authority’s (RTA) – 1300 366 311

New South Wales Tenants Union – 1800 251 101

Tenants Queensland – 1300 744 263

Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre – 02 6621 1000

Financial Rights Legal Centre: 1300 663 46

Domestic Violence Legal Service (NSW) – 1800 810 784

Welfare Rights Centre – 02 9211 5389

Justice Connect – 02 8599 2100 (for small businesses, farms and other primary producers assistance)

Legal Aid Queensland – 1300 527 700

Urgent maintenance (public housing QLD) – 1800 808 107

Temporary Accommodation (QLD) – 13 74 68

Download the list of available Flood Grants

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.