About Bravery Trust

Bravery Trust changes lives by ensuring that injured veterans and their families do not suffer as a consequence of their service and are provided with emergency support and assistance in their time of need.

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How We’ve Changed Lives

No one wants to admit when things are tough, and our Aussie veterans are some of the proudest people in Australia. But, sometimes they need our help, especially when they find themselves in a stressed financial position, made worse by injury, illness or mental ill-health.

Each day we take around 60 calls – helping veterans or their family members with financial assistance, financial counselling and connecting them with other services that they may need. 70% of those reaching out for assistance are under 50 years old and 85% are experiencing mental health concerns.

The bravest journeys can’t be taken alone.

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Since 2012 we have…


Australian veterans and their families supported


In financial support

How We Help

We engage with each applicant to learn about their unique situation and requirements, ensuring they feel respected and supported. We know that your situation is urgent, and our focus is assisting you and your family promptly.

Financial Counselling

School Fees

Phone/Internet Bills


Automotive Expenses

Removal Cost

Utility Bills

Food & Fuel


It's Brave to Share

These are guys that you depend on, in some circumstances, with your life – literally. You become very close. The bond and the brotherhood between soldiers is very strong.

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How Donations Help Veterans

Post-service, veterans may suffer from a variety of injuries both mental and physical that impact upon their quality of life.

This disadvantage born of service is simply not fair. It’s our turn to serve those who have been brave on our behalf.

Bravery Trust utilises your donations to support injured veterans who find themselves in a stressed financial position. Financial disadvantage resulting from injuries sustained during service impacts upon both the veteran and their family, and can lead to financial hardship.

However much you are able to donate, know that we work that dollar hard. Your generous donations enable our work to continue all year round and for that we are ever grateful.

But the need is growing all the time. In fact, there are serving and ex-serving veterans and their families out there right now who need our help.

Donate today to provide emergency financial relief to veterans in crisis. You can change a life.

  • Your $20 donation provides mobile top up to help a veteran stay connected. 

  • Your $75 contribution provides fuel vouchers to help a veteran attend vital medical appointments.

  • Your $150 donation fills the fridge of those at risk of going without with fresh food for a week.

  • Your $300 donation helps a family with essentials like school supplies, clothing or household items such as a bed.

  • Your $500 contribution could pay for two months of utilities for a struggling family at risk of disconnection.

Our Achievements

We’re proud to offer dignified, respectful and expert support to injured veterans experiencing financial hardship – changing the trajectory of their lives forever. As beneficiary Travis shared; “Thank you so much for all your help. You’ve kept me off the streets. I have a house for my children because of the Bravery Trust.”

With offices in both Melbourne and Sydney, Bravery Trust has provided urgent financial support to over 661 families in in the past year (2020-21), which equates to 1,325 bills paid at a value of $1,007,717. Our highly trained staff work to understand each veteran’s unique position, before designing a plan of action that consists of immediate financial support and an ongoing pathway to positive change and independence. Since April 2020, we’ve also been providing veteran-specific financial counselling.

Bravery Trust works in collaboration with other key veteran-support organisations, seeking to minimise duplication of services and focusing on the mission of providing urgent financial support. We’re proud of the meaningful impact we’ve had upon beneficiaries and their families over the past eight years and look forward to continuing to fulfil our purpose; honouring and supporting those who have made the choice to be brave on Australia’s behalf.