Like many of us, COVID completely changed Amanda and Jarrod’s livelihoods. They had always been hardworking and financially stable – but COVID changed that.  They were worried about how this may impact their kids, and the financial stress was taking a toll on Jarrod’s mental health issues.   ​

Initially reluctant to reach out for help, taking the first step was the hardest.  “When we called Bravery Trust we immediately felt like they understood us.  The help we received not only improved our financial situation, but also our mental health.” ​

Amanda said, “the warmth and compassion Bravery Trust showed us made our lives so much easier. You were always at the end of the phone line when I needed you and you worked tirelessly to find a way to help us.”​

When they contacted Bravery Trust they were facing eviction, but we ensured that their rental arrears and water bills were taken care of so that they could focus on Jarrod’s mental health. Bravery Trust continues to provide them with guidance and support as they move to a new rental. ​

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.