Swamped with bills and mounting stress….

Bethany Setter, 55, from Doreen in Melbourne, was swamped with bills. She just couldn’t seem to get in front of the growing pile.

Having served in the Army for 33 years as a cook, artillery signaller and RACT driver, including two tours of East Timor, Bethany was medically discharged in 2018 and got behind with her bills.

“My pension was lowered, and I had a whole heap of bills overdue and my car needed a service. It was incredibly stressful,’’ Bethany says.

“Bravery Trust helped with the bills and got my car serviced. It’s freed up money and taken the stress off.’’

It’s brave to ask for help

If you, or someone you know is in financial hardship, a current or former member of Defence and has been physically or mentally impacted by service. Call us on 1800 BRAVERY.

The bravest journeys can’t be taken alone.

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.