COVID adds further stress to an injured veteran

Every year since 2012, Bravery Trust has been there to help hundreds of Australian veterans in times of financial crisis. One such veteran was David*. He suffered a significant injury to his shoulder during a training drill when his parachute did not deploy correctly.

David contacted Bravery Trust when COVID caused him to lose his job and he was unable to look for work because he didn’t have the funds for professional registration fees or a computer to help him apply for jobs. We helped him get his registration and a laptop to help him with his job search.

David needed help again when he was required to pay for 14 days’ quarantine after visiting his father who required palliative care interstate. After his father’s passing, David wasn’t sure how he was going to afford his rent and quarantine on his return home. 

At a time when he should be mourning the death of his father, David was under a huge amount of stress. We were able to ease the financial strain this caused by helping to pay his rent and outstanding phone bill so that David could focus on his own recovery journey.

*Name changed to protect privacy 

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.