Bravery Trust is one of five strategic partners working together to provide veterans and their families easier access to military support services through a new App and digital catalogue.

The Servulink App went live this week (Tuesday 1 November) connecting veterans to support services across Australia.

The digital platform compiled by RSL Australia has been endorsed by the Departments of Veterans’ Affairs and Defence and is supported by hundreds of veteran support organisations and charities nationally.

“Servulink is founded on the principles of simplicity, access, connection and collaboration,” Ms Wilson said.

“It will empower veterans and their families who may be stressed by the complexity of the system to more easily seek out tools and information to improve their lives.

“Using technology, we can transform the veteran support landscape towards a more proactive, preventative approach – driving early, positive outcomes pre-emptively rather than reacting to problems or crises after they arise.

“Servulink will unlock so many new connections so that we work collaboratively to better support those who have served our nation.”

Ms Wilson said the complexity of finding the right support at the right time was recognised as an obstacle to veterans seeking help when needed.  There are approximately 2800 Ex-Service Organisations and 4000 registered charities nation-wide, plus many government and corporate entities declaring support to veterans.

Servulink uses digital technology to catalogue the range of services and make them accessible by community or service type.

Veteran and Servulink Co-Founder, Matt Brennan, said the catalogue would empower veterans and their families to successfully discover and navigate the network of support and services available, accessing those they need, when and where they need them.”

“The pilot project will integrate RSL sub-branches nationally, alongside the hundreds of high-value Australian veteran-and-family supporting organisations already part of Servulink’s existing national digital service catalogue,” Mr Brennan said.

RSL Australia National President Greg Melick said the current Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide provided a strong focus on the need to deliver clear and easy access to mental health, general health and other support services for veterans and their families.

“This is an important need for all veterans and is particularly urgent for our younger veteran community.

“Servulink will facilitate access to services tailored to best meet individual and family needs in a simple and stress-free manner.”

Mr Melick welcomed the collaboration that is also occurring between RSL and Legacy, Bravery Trust, Soldier On, and War Widows so that these organisations will also share data on the catalogue

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.