Lieutenant Colonel Garth Callender assumes command of UNSWR

Congratulations to Bravery Trust’s Chair, Garth Callender, who recently assumed command of the University of New South Wales Regiment.

The Regiment trains hundreds of soldiers and junior leaders annually, preparing them for employment across the Australian Army. 

UNSWR Hand Over Take Over Parade – Dec 2020

From his 25 year military career, Garth has built a strong background in training, from overseeing recruit training, junior officer training, and delivering ‘mission rehearsal exercises’ for leadership teams deploying on war-like operations. He said ‘I am thrilled at the opportunity to lead the University of New South Wales Regiment into the future. It is not lost on me what a truly unique period in history this is – to be training junior leaders for operations both domestically and abroad’.

Garth’s contemporary military experience, matched with his leadership in the veteran community and his business successes, give him unique insights and skills that are so valuable for Bravery Trust.  This is a great achievement for Garth.

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.