James had served in the Airforce for 16 years.

He’d suffered both physical and mental health issues, including PTSD and Anxiety, as a result of his service. He was separated from his partner and when new management took over the caravan park he was living at, he needed to vacate as they didn’t agree to his assistance dog (in training) staying there too.

When he contacted Bravery Trust he had experienced homelessness for some time. When we first spoke with him, he was considering surrendering his service dog to the RSPCA because he couldn’t see way out for himself.

He’d found out about us from an ex-Army friend who recommended giving us a call.

After talking about his circumstances and the support he needed, Bravery Trust was able to help James get back into housing, covering the initial bond and four weeks of rent. We also took care of some bills and with the expense of moving in. He’s now been in his residence for two years and credits the support he received from his friend and our service to helping him get into and stay in permanent housing instead of living in a tent.

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.