The countdown is on – Bravery Trek has just four days left!

Participants like Beck Rayner, Founder of Military Wife Life, are taking every opportunity to clock up those last few kilometres as they aim for a 100km target.

“It wasn’t until I got into fitness routine a few years back that I realised how beneficial physical activity is for mental health and general wellbeing in all facets of life. Fitness is now something I prioritise, not for weight loss, but for mental health – it’s something I prioritise because it makes me feel better, not something to be dreaded,” she said.

“Bravery Trek is a way I can encourage others to get active and be motivated to start a fitness routine, so they can experience the same benefits of improved self esteem and overall wellbeing.

“It also allows me to unite Defence spouses around the country, to help people feel supported and know they’re not alone. Being able to bring my community together in this way is why I started the Bravery Trek team – being able to raise money for veterans in hardship and support such a wonderful charity, that is a bonus!”

The Military Wife Life Team of 10 is sitting fourth on the leader board, having raised $3,130. Bravery Trek is one of the many ways the Military Wife Life family brings together Defence spouses to help them feel connected to people who understand the journey.

“When first married I stayed in Sydney when my husband was posted and I didn’t have that support, I didn’t have a network of people who understood the journey – it’s a very different experience, the Defence community, unless you’ve lived in it, you can’t describe,” Beck said.

“There are times as a spouse you feel very alone, and then you find people who are on the same journey, who understand what it’s like and they can support you exactly how you need to be supported. Once I found that community, I wanted to provide that same feeling for others, to be that person that I needed when I was younger.”

Beck said Bravery Trust was different to many other military charities because it provided support for families as a whole – supporting the member, and also spouses and children.

“Whole families can get immediate support and that is so important when someone is at the point of crisis. Sometimes Defence families put off asking for help because the paperwork and processes can be arduous, and too much to handle during a difficult time,” she said.

“But Bravery Trust stands out to me as being different – it’s really like calling a family member, there is a deeper understanding and capacity to provide immediate and practical help when it’s needed. “Bravery Trust also follows up with ongoing support to avoid future crisis and financial counselling to empower veterans through education.”

There are just four days to go – Bravery Trek concludes Sunday December 5. Show your support for those who’ve served by donating at www.braverytrek.com.au

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.