Sending best wishes to everyone affected by the floods across New South Wales and Queensland. Stay safe and take care of your friends and neighbours.

Our Camden team members are all safe – flood waters won’t stop them working to support our veteran community. But here are some photos of one team member’s backyard!

If you’re a veteran who’s been injured or sustained illness during service and face financial hardship, call us on 1800 BRAVERY or check out the ways we can help at www.bravertytrust.org.au

We’ve also compiled a list of available grants that may be able to provide some financial relief. These grants do have eligibility criteria, including living in one of the recognised impacted areas, qualifying under an income test and for certain grants being the owner or mortgage of the home.

QLD-only Grants

Emergency Hardship Assistance – Up to $180 for individuals & $900 for families for immediate relief and recovery, e.g. food, clothing, emergency accommodation or medical supplies.

Essential Services Hardship Assistance – $150 per person, or up to $750 for a family – if 1 or more essential services is disconnected for more than 5 days.

Essential Household Contents Grant – Up to $1,765 for a single & $5,300 for a family to help those uninsured or unable to claim insurance replace essential household contents.

Structural Assistance Grant – Up to $10,995 per single & $14,685 per couple to repair damage to an uninsured dwelling (including caravans and residential vessels).

Essential services safety and reconnection grant – If uninsured or unable to claim insurance, up to $200 for inspections to help reconnect essential services (electricity, gas, water and sewerage or septic system) and up to $4,200 for repair work.

Transport and motoring assistance – Up to $10,995 per adult & $14,685 per family to repair an uninsured dwelling (including caravans and residential vessels).

NSW & QLD Grants

Disaster Recovery Payment QLD Disaster Recovery Payment NSW – Eligible adults ($1,000) and children ($400) seriously injured, missing a relative or if there has been major damage to your home.

Disaster Recovery Allowance QLD Disaster Recovery Allowance NSW – A payment for up to 13 weeks if you have lost income due to the floods. Equivalent to the JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance, depending on your circumstances.

Useful Resources





The disasterassistance.service.nsw.gov.au website is also a useful resource to see what other assistance is available, including additional childcare subsidies, free mail redirect and business grants (for business holders, farmer or primary producer).

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.