Electricity, gas and water are essential services, and therefore these household bills need to be prioritised. This financial year (2021-22), we’ve already paid over $12,000 to help veterans with their overdue utility bills.

We know utility bills are a key financial stress for our community. One o the quickest ways to reduce utility bills is to ensure your concession details are recorded with your utility company and that they’ve applied them correctly.

In Australia we have state-based utility concessions, which means each state has its own way of providing discounts and rebates to reduce electricity and gas bills. If you hold a concession card, including a Veterans Gold Card, check your electricity, gas (and water) bills have your concessions included. If not, contact your utility company to have your concession card details added.

If you’ve not been receiving concessions, your company may be able to backdate the concessions. When you get a new card, because of expiry dates etc, you need to contact the utility company and let them know – otherwise the concessions may stop. Without this information on your account, you won’t be receiving the concessions your entitled to and will be paying more than you need to.


Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.