A 57km challenge during October will unite the veteran community and raise vital funds for ADF veterans who have been injured during service.

Bravery Trek encourages the broader community to celebrate the service of Australian veterans and show support for those facing an uphill battle as a result of injury or illness sustained during service.

Bravery Trek is a virtual event – meaning anyone can join anywhere. Run, swim, cycle, paddle, wheelchair or push a pram – all participants help engage veterans who may need support and those who can refer a friend.

Bravery Trust CEO Belinda Wilson said this year’s Trek is themed around the Royal Australian Navy – with a virtual route around Sydney Harbour incorporating key Naval bases and sites of historical significance. The 57km challenge is the distance from North Head to South Head and coincides with the sum of 57 ships, boats, submarines, and bases in the Navy. A podcast will be shared with participants covering the history of iconic locations along the route.

Ms Wilson called on the veteran community to join the fun of Bravery Trek as way of connecting veterans and initiating conversations about the challenges faced during transition from the ADF, especially in cases of medical discharge.

“The Royal Commission has identified those who transition for medical reasons are at greater risk of poor mental health and suicide and notes key factors include financial circumstances and living alone.

“Bravery Trek is an event that engages veterans and creates awareness about support available for those with financial concerns,” she said.

Bravery Trek raises funds to support the work of Bravery Trust, a military charity which provides funding to veterans who have been injured during service to support them with immediate needs such as housing, medical expenses, car costs and food.

There is no cost to register for Bravery Trek, and anyone who wants to complete the trek without sponsorship is encouraged to join the fun.

“For those in a position to seek sponsorship from family and friends, Bravery Trek provides an opportunity to make an immediate difference to the lives of current and ex-serving member of the Defence Force who are facing financial hardship and are impacted by injury or illness sustained during service,” Ms Wilson said.

Bravery Trek is a 57km challenge from October 10 to November 10 – there’s also a double up option for those who can make it 114km in 31 days.  Register at www.braverytrek.com.au

Serving and ex-serving members of the ADF who are injured, or sustained illness during service, and require financial support can call Bravery Trust 1800 BRAVERY (1800 272 837)

Minister Keogh and Belinda Wilson

Bravery Trek starts next month– a 57km challenge to support veterans injured during service.  Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel the Hon Matt Keogh and Bravery Trust CEO Belinda Wilson will feature in a new podcast called Bravery Trek: Run Ashore, with aspirations to make this year’s Trek the biggest and best and surpass last year’s tally of $106,000 to support ADF veterans injured during service

Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.