Bravery Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of Garth Callender MBA GAICD as incoming Chairman. 

Mr Callender, who will succeed Peter Fitzpatrick AO, AM, (Mil), FSAE, GAICD, JP  upon his retirement later next month, has served with distinction in combat, intelligence, training and strategic roles through a 20-plus year military career, where he received numerous commendations.  He has since excelled in public and private sector roles, including leading the NSW Veterans Employment Program which, under his leadership, employed over 500 veterans.  

He leads Trebuchet Pivot, a consultancy firm specialising in advice to business leadership teams during turbulence and crises and to help prepare for, or avoid, a crisis. In this role he works with boards and executive teams across government and industry.  

Mr Callender comments: “Some 15 years ago my life was saved by a group of soldiers who stepped up after a car bomb explosion. That day on the streets of Baghdad they saw humanity at its worst. Most have moved on and grown from what they saw, the terrible things they witnessed that day, but not all. The proud members of the military don’t always fall on their feet. Thankfully, Bravery Trust is here to help when times get tough.  

“I have been fortunate – to survive that bomb attack, but also to be able to continue my military and professional career. Some are not so fortunate. I am extremely proud to be the next Chairman of Bravery Trust, playing my small part to help overcome some of the issues facing our veteran community, and to give back to men and women who have served, and their families. We are all here to look after each other.” 

Bravery Trust’s CEO, Belinda Wilson, said “We are very pleased to welcome Garth as Chairman of the Board. His lived experience as a member of the Defence Force, a respected and influential leader and veteran, together with his strong director skills, will be invaluable in Bravery Trust’s next chapter.” 

“Peter, an inaugural director, will be missed by Bravery Trust and our defence and veteran community.  We are all grateful to Peter for his support, knowledge, kindness and compassion, and we thank him for his dedication and service to not only Bravery Trust, but the men and women who serve and have served to keep our nation safe, together with their families.” 

“It’s an exciting time for Bravery Trust as we focus on collaboration with other cornerstone veteran organisations to streamline veteran support and the incorporation of preventive measures to better support our beneficiaries.” 

Mr Fitzpatrick will be officially retiring on 30th September, with Mr Callender taking on the Chairman’s role from 1st October. 


About Bravery Trust 

Bravery Trust is a national military charity that provides financial aid, financial counselling, and education support to injured veterans and their families who are in financial hardship. For information, see our website: www.braverytrust.org.au 


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Bravery Trust is a registered business name of the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust, a nationally registered charity.